First Christian Church of Orange is an imperfect community of people striving to follow Jesus. We don’t strive for imperfection, we simply recognize that we have room to grow, as individuals and as a community, in living as followers of Jesus. We believe that every person is a BELOVED child of God. Together we attempt to be a community where people can BE LOVED and work together to BE LOVE in the world.

A place where being Christian is about becoming more loving and more just in every aspect of life

At FCCO we practice radical hospitality to make you feel welcomed and loved.

Where it’s not a sin to be LGBTQ+

FCCO is an “Open and Affirming” congregation. This means the welcome and full acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning individuals is explicit and celebrated.

Where you are challenged to grow, not conform.

Our hope and prayer is that you will leave the FCCO campus uplifted,
challenged, and encouraged.

Where the Bible is taken seriously, not literally.